On this site we like to indroduce you our brand ambassadors. We are happy and very proud to work with these great and very talented photographers. We are futhermore happy that they love to work with our products. Join the SIRUI ambassadors on their photographic journey and get inspired by their impressive work.

Portrait of SIRUI ambassador Mohamed El Barkani

Mohamed El Barkani

"Shoot Cameras Not Guns" is the motto of the Moroccan hobby photographer based in Germany. Photography for Mohamed is the perfect compensation to his occupation. He loves architecture, night and long exposure photography but is always trying new things as well.

He is a passionate traveller. Always fascinated to explore new cities, cultures and landscapes. Of course his camera is his faithful companion.

Mohameds equipment: SIRUI R-1004 Tripod, W-1204 Tripod, NT-1005X Tripod, T-024X Tripod, 3T-35 Tripod, TSH-01B Tripod, E-10 Ball Head, G-10X Ball Head, UrbanPro 15 BackPack, DayTrip 15 BackPack, Filter 82mm ND1000, Smartphone Lenses 18-WA, FE, 60-SA

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Photographs taken by Mohamed El Barkani
Portrait of SIRUI Ambassador Guerel Sahin

Gürel Sahin

"It was always my dream to explore and capture special moments. Moments that are only there for a few minutes. But they will last forever. And these moments become stories. This shows me how powerful pictures can be. The love to photography is what drives me, moves me, motivates me to stand up every morning at 3 a.m. to get this one shot. This one shot that lets you forget everything around you and you get lost in the moment.

You can be everywhere. You can feel the wind, you can hear the water and the birds. You're walking through high grass and you can feel the warm sunlight on your cheek. It's like I could escape from the everyday life, from the stress that surrounds you. There is nowhere you'd rather be. To capture these moments and share them with you is the biggest gift in the world for me."

Gürels equipment: SIRUI 3T-35 Tripod, HA-77 Extension Arm, K-30X Ball Head, N-3204X Tripod, R-4214X Tripod, RX-66C Center Column, VH-10 Video Head, VTJ-1.8 Video Jib, W-1204 Tripod

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Photographs taken by Guerel Sahin
Portrait of Marcel Sahlmen

Marcel Sahlmen

"Standing on top of the mountain, watching the fog in the valley, taking photos of the rising sun - that’s why I am a photographer! Experiences like that indemnify for exhausting hikes and short nights on uncomfortable mattresses. But there are also some fascinating moments away from mountains: A newlyweds first kiss or the sparkling eyes of a kid receiving it’s first Holy Communion. Both in the mountains and payed jobs I have to build on my equipment. That’s why I use SIRUI tripods since years!"

Marcels Equipment: SIRUI T2204X Carbon Tripod, K-30X Ball Head, TY-D600L L Bracket, UrbanPro 13 Backpack

Photos for example from Marcel Sahlmen