SIRUI NDH001 Filter Holder System with Polarising Filter and Adaptors for Square Filters

What is the square filter holder?
The SIRUI filter holder system is a professional solution for use with 100mm square filters. The holder can carry up to three different filters. In addition, a polarising filter and three threaded adaptor rings are included in the set.

The square filters allow you to take professional and stunning photos. The filters can be combined in the filter holder, resulting in astounding long exposures and breath-taking landscape shots.

Features of the SIRUI NDH001 square filter holder
Square Filter Holder NDH001

What makes the SIRUI filter holder system so special?
The SIRUI QuickLock Function offers and advantage over most other systems. This enables the holder to be mounted onto the lens and removed again in lightning fast time. The filter holder snaps into place using a clamping system on the connecting ring and can be loosened using the handle. This is especially convenient if you want to set the camera up without a grey filter or if you only want to use the polarising filter to take photos.

Mounting the filter holder is child's play: the connection ring is screwed onto the lens and the holder frame is attached using the QuickLock function.

In addition, the QuickLock function can be used to adjust the angle of the filters. The 360° rotating ring clicks into place every 9° and can be adapted to suit the subject at any time.

SIRUI Square Filter System in action

The SIRUI NDH001 100mm filter holder set consists of:
1x 100mm filter holder with 82mm threaded connector
1x Circular polarising filter, 82mm round
1x 82mm to 67mm adaptor ring
1x 82mm to 72mm adaptor ring
1x 82mm to 77mm adaptor ring
1x Padded bag with two internal pockets


Additional adaptor rings are available as an option:
82 to 62mm | 82 to 58mm | 82 to 55mm adaptor rings


The following SIRUI square filters are available as options:
100 x 100mm grey filter: ND8 | ND64 | ND1000
100 x 150mm soft graduated filter: SGND4 | SGND8 | SGND16
100 x 150mm hard graduated filter: HGND8
100 x 150mm reverse graduated filter: RGND8|RGND16

82mm polarising filter for filter holder

82mm polarising filter included
The square filter holder system includes a round CPL-Filter (circular) made from German-manufactured Schott glass. The polarising filter is multi-coated and nano-sealed. This is a perfect addition to the grey or graduated grey filters.

A polarising filter gives unbeatable colours, especially for landscape photographs. It also reduces reflections from non-metallic surfaces, such as glass or water. To achieve the desired effect, the filter can be rotated using the knurled dial on the filter holder connecting ring.

SIRUI NDH-001 specifications
Square Filter Holder NDH001

The frame of the holder system is made from high-performance aircraft-grade aluminium. This ensures it is lightweight but sturdy. The large aperture prevents vignetting even with wide angle lenses up to 16mm. The guide rails are made of plastic to protect the glass filters.


Measurements: Width: 142mm | Height: 112mm | Thickness: 22mm
Weight: 182g (with polarising filter) | 166g (without polarising filter)


For square filters 100mm wide and 2mm thick
For lenses with 82, 77, 72 and 67mm filter threads
With optional additional adaptors for 62, 58 and 55mm filter threads

Example set-up

1. Lens

2. Adaptor ring
(Included in NDH001 set)

3. 82mm polarising filter
(Included in NDH001 set)

4. Connecting ring
(Included in NDH001 set)

5. Filter holder
(Included in NDH001 set)

6. ND-Grey filter
(Optional extra)

7. GND Graduated grey filter
(Optional etxra)