SIRUI EPS Series monopod with stand spider and Flip-Locks

SIRUI EPS Series monopods with Stand Spider

The SIRUI EPS series of monopods are lightweight, extremely compact and ideal to handle. SIRUI monopods are indispensable when you need to work quickly, when there is insufficient light or when you need help supporting your camera. For videographers, the EPS series offers a real alternative to larger tripods. It has a support foot and can be rotated by 360° and tilted by 0° to 20° in all directions.

The four sections are secured with sealed clip locks and ensure secure support. The sturdy monopod also has three fold-up support feet (two angles possible) and, when these are not in use, a large rubber foot for good grip. A 360° system and ball head ensure smooth, gentle movements and panning. The spider is completely removable, meaning that it can also be used as a conventional monopod with a rubber foot, whilst the support foot can be used as a table-top tripod. A wrist strap is a SIRUI standard as is the soft, grippy leg wrap made from foam rubber.

We recommend the SIRUI VH-90 quick release plate as the ideal addition to the camera.

  • EP-224S Carbon 8x eight-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections
  • EP-204S high-quality aluminium in 4 sections
  • 360 ° rotation for panning and panoramas
  • Tilt angle 20 ° on all sides – steplessly adjustable friction and lockable
  • Flip-lock locking for maximum security and comfortable handling
  • Stand Spider with 3 folding legs with 2 angle positions for uneven terrain
  • Stand Spider can be used separately as a table-top or ground level support
  • Wrist strap and foam rubber grip for secure handling
  • Reversible 1/4" and 3/8" screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Monopod height without Stand Spider: 540mm
Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm kg kg Degrees
EPS EP-204S Aluminium 4 28 19 1630 630 1.14 8 0-20°
EPS EP-224S Carbon 4 28 19 1630 630 1.02 8 0-20°
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