SIRUI PS Series monopods with Stand Spider

SIRUI’s PS-Series of advanced monopods are perfect for videographers and long-lens photographers alike, due to high load capacity, low weight and smooth operation.

The PS series folds to a very compact size for easy transportation. Sealed twist-locks ensure very secure locking and ability to support higher payloads, as well as comfortable handling with cold, wet or gloved hands. Hand-in-hand with compact closed size is low weight - especially when opting for SIRUI’s carbon fibre tubes – without any compromise on rock-solid stability.

The stand-out feature of SIRUI’s PS-Series is the detachable fold-out “spider” at the foot of the monopod. As expected with SIRUI, it is beautifully engineered. It’s wider spread, coupled with a friction adjustable ball system, enables improved stability and fine movement control. A unique SIRUI tilt movement limiter system also means you can really fine tune the operation to suit the equipment being supported, and allows up to 20 degrees of tilt angle. In the body of the monopod is a ball head panning mechanism. It allows silky-smooth pan motion, essential to videographers and useful to long-lens still photographers tracking fast moving subjects.

The spider is completely removable, and can be used on its own as a table-top or ground level support. Removing the spider converts the PS to a standard monopod with a rubber foot. Also supplied is a spiked foot for use on soft ground.

Completing the package, PS monopods are also supplied with a slim carry case for protection, and a wrist strap and foam leg grip for secure handling and control in cold or wet conditions.

Ideal in changeable light situations, or for supporting heavy gear for long times, SIRUI PS-Series monopods are an essential tool in your kit bag.

  • P-204S high-quality aluminium in 4 sections
  • P-224S, P-324S, P-424S 10-layer carbon fibre in 4 sections
  • 360 ° rotation for panning and panoramas
  • Tilt angle 20 ° on all sides – steplessly adjustable friction and lockable
  • Twist-lock locking for maximum security and comfortable handling
  • Stand Spider with 3 folding aluminium legs
  • Stand Spider can be used separately as a table-top or ground level support
  • Wrist strap and foam rubber grip for secure handling
  • Reversible 1/4 "and 3/8" screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Monopod height without Stand Spider: P-204S/P-224S = 565mm | P-324S = 615mm | P-424S = 655mm
Click here, to view the PS series in the official SIRUI Online Shop.
Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm mm kg kg Degrees
PS P-204S Aluminium 4 28 19 710 1600 700 1.4 8 0-20°
PS P-224S 10x Carbon 4 28 19 710 1600 700 1.3 8 0-20°
PS P-324S 10x Carbon 4 32 22 750 1755 745 1,45 10 0-20°
PS P-424S 10x Carbon 4 36 25 790 1910 785 1.58 12 0-20°

360° View: Monopod P-424S with VH-10 Head

Click here, to view the PS series in the official SIRUI Online Shop.