04/2017 SIRUI TY-70A quick release plate with video pin

New release plate of the TYuni series

The TY-70A quick release plate has a 1/4" and 3/8" thread screw. It comes with a rubbericed surface and a video pin. The plate is compatible with the Arca Swiss quick release system.

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12/2016 SIRUI R-3213X Tripod with centre column

The RX series got an addition to the family

The R-3213X is the first RX tripod that comes with a centre column. It so closes the gap between the SIRUI photo tripods and the big photo/video RX series tripods.

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SIRUI Smartphone Lenses

11/2016 SIRUI Smartphone Lenses

Smartphonography on another level

Do you want to take top-quality photos with your smartphone? Then you need the lenses produced by SIRUI. 

Professionals do not use all-in-one lenses, they use fixed focal lengths which let you take the best photos. Smartphone photography means: high quality photos with your smartphone. Obviously, SIRUI lenses are also suitable for video use.

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11/2016 SIRUI Lens Filters

Photography on a new level

The lens filters produced by SIRUI are characterised by high quality, excellent light transmission and strong resistance to external influences.

The German-produced Schott glass has multi-layer coatings and guarantees bright colours as well as strong contrast. The ultra-slim aluminium filter mounting is stable, strong and robust and there is no vignetting with wide-angle lenses.

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