SIRUI BP Series Broadcast / Video quick release plates

SIRUI BP-series quick release plates have both 1/4" and 3/8" screw threads enabling the plate to be attached to video cameras and video DSLRs.

The plates feature rubberized surfaces, preventing any slip between camera and plate. Three positioning marks on the sides are used to help realign your camera to a specific balance point quickly and efficiently. SIRUI heads that have corresponding scales are: BCH-10, BCH-20, BCH-30

SIRUI BP-90: SIRUI BCH-10, SIRUI VH-10 and VH-90 platform
SIRUI BP-125: SIRUI BCH-10, BCH-20, SIRUI VH-10, VH-15 and VH-90 platform

  • Large quick release plates for video cameras, camcorders and video DSLRs
  • Rubberized surface to prevent camera slip
  • 1/4" and 3/8" screw threads allows Video Camera and DSLR compatibility
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Series Model Material Ball head compatibility Camera compatibility Support length Support width Height
1/4" mm mm mm g
BP BP-90 Aluminium BCH-10, VH-10, VH-90 universell 90 51 12 66
BP BP-125 Aluminium BCH-10, BCH-20, VH-10, VH-15, VH-90 universell 125 51 12 110
BP BP-150L Aluminium BCH-30 universell 150 80 12 200