SIRUI RX Series Reporter X – Studio Tripods for Photographers and Videographers

SIRUI's studio giants also go outside

The giant tripods of the RX series are impressive, with considerable load capacity and outstanding stability. Definitely not suitable for lightweight travel luggage but the largest size when required for heavy photography or video equipment! A big advantage is the interchangeable adapter half bowl that can be directly used in a video head. It is flexible and you can switch between photo and video with just one tripod.

Particularly stable and robust, the tripods are excellent in the studio because they can be quickly and easily set to a tall working height. But nature photographers also appreciate their RX tripod. A large objective lens on a gimbal head makes for a stable and vibration-free tripod.

Woman with RX tripod squatting in water and photographing

Head support plate

The aluminium head support plate is fitted with a 3/8" screw to secure the attached equipment. In order to prevent accidentally rotating the equipment, a fixing screw is located in the mounting plate. 

75mm levelling collar

Included is the RX-75A (for R-3213X R2X-75A) 75mm half collar adapter which can be placed against the mounting plate as necessary. A suitable levelling half-ball for ideal alignment is, for example, the optional RX-75B.

Centre column

The RX-66C centre column for the RX series (not R-3213X) is an optional extra. 63.5cm additional height when extended. The RX-66C makes the RX video tripod an extremely flexible photography tripod. Like the tripod, the centre column is made from 10 layers of carbon.

The tripod R-3213X is supplied with the RX-402C center column for 38cm more height.

Twist locks

Sealed twist locks with  rubber for grip. Just half a turn and the legs will start to descend. The locks can be disassembled for maintenance.

Rubber feet and stainless steel spikes

RX series tripods are all equipped with three rubber feet and three metal spikes. The rubber feet are ideal on firm, level ground. The metal spikes show their strength on soft, uneven ground. The tripod is equipped for all terrains.

 Additional Features

• 10 layer carbon fiber, super-lightweight, stable, low-vibration
• Integrated spirit level for precise adjustments
• Three solid ratchet steps on the legs allow flexible use.
• Leg angle locking mechanism - the legs lock automatically when folding down.
• Stabilising hook - loading weight onto the hook ensures the tripod is stable and steady.
• Foam rubber leg wraps protect against high and low temperatures and ensure a secure grip during transport and in use.
• Bag strap can be used as tripod strap.

R-5214XL with RX-66C centre column
R-4213X with VH-10 fluid head


R-4213X, R-4214X, R-5214X oder R-5214XL: tripod, 3 rubber feet, 3 spikes, levelling half bowl RX-75A, tripod bag, tool, warranty card, instructions

R-3213X: tripod, 3 rubber feet, 3 spikes, levelling half bowl RX-75A, centre column RX-402C, tripod bag, tool, warranty card, instructions

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Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg Degrees
RX R-3213X 10x Carbon 3 33 26 115 1410 1790 610 1.8 22 21-52-82
RX R-4213X 10x Carbon 3 36 28 105 1500 660 2.4 25 25-54-84
RX R-4214X 10x Carbon 4 36 24 90 1500 550 2.5 25 25-54-84
RX R-5214X 10x Carbon 4 40 28 90 1600 580 2.8 30 26-56-85
RX R-5214XL 10x Carbon 4 40 28 100 2000 690 3.0 30 26-56-85
Click here, to view the RX series in the official SIRUI Online Shop.
The SIRUI R-3213X wins the Red Dot Award 2018
The SIRUI R-3213X wins the German Design Award 2018