SIRUI TSH-Serie Mini Table Top Tripod | Selfie Stick for Smartphones

With this versatile SIRUI smart all-rounder, the smartphone can be a camera at last

These days, smartphones are an integral part of everyday life. Increasingly, they are replacing the camera. So why not support your phone with a professional mini tripod to get even more out of the camera features?

Take advantage of the unique possibilities offered by the small TSH-01B tripod and use your smartphone in many different situations:

• Ideal for photography, especially for long exposures or low light conditions
• Super practical for video chats with Skype, FaceTime, etc.
• Perfect as a selfie stick and table-top tripod
• Removable smartphone clip fits any tripod or tripod head with a 1/4” thread
• The clip also has a small variable ball head and a clamp to attach it to tubes (tripod leg, bicycle, railing)

TSH-01B Possible Use

Table-Top Tripod / Desktop Tripod
With its three feet, the TSH mini tripod is a perfect desktop tripod. In the office, it becomes an aid to video conferences and, at parties, it is finally possible to take blur-free selfies. Its extendible centre column can be extended to twice its length and allows it to be adjusted to the correct height, while the ball head is used to align the smartphone. To prevent the video call from becoming wobbly, the three feet have a non-slip rubber coating on the underside.

Hands-free for selfies or video chats So that all hands can be seen in the picture: the tripod legs fold out and it can be placed on the table for photos or Facetime.

Selfie Stick
With its feet folded down and centre column extended, the mini tripod can be transformed into a selfie stick in no time at all. This allows you to capture every adventure with your phone or action camera. Removing the smartphone clamp from the ball head reveals a 1/4” thread to which compact cameras can be attached. Never miss another exciting moment and shoot selfies from unusual perspectives.

The smartphone as an action camera? No problem for the TSH-01B! It converts into a selfie stick in no time at all and is ready for any adventure.

The multi-tool for every occasion
There are situations where it is not possible to set up a tripod because the circumstances simply do not allow it. This is where the TSH mini tripod comes in handy: with the centre column removed, the head can be attached to a railing using the clamp. But the little all-rounder also looks good on a tripod leg. Ideal for when you want to use the smartphone as a remote control for the camera.

I can‘t, no way! Stay flexible and mount the TSH-01B mini tripod whereever you like: on a railing, on your bike or on a tripod leg.

Features TSH-01B Mini Tripod

TSH-01B Mini Tripod Features

Smartphone Clip

The clip is removable and rubber-coated. It works with smartphones of between 55 bis 85mm. On the back there is a clasp to hold the phone firmly in place.

On the underside there is a 1/4” standard thread made of metal. This can be fitted to other tripods or heads with 1/4” screw thread.

Aluminium ball head

The ball in the small ball head is made of anodized aluminium and holds the phone securely in any position. The 90° notch allows shots in portrait mode.

On the reverse is a 1/4” standard screw which attaches to the smartphone clamp. Small compact cameras can also be mounted on the head.

Tube Clamp

The adjustable clamp on the underside of the ball head can be used to fix it to tubes with a diameter of 17 - 28mm. This allows the phone to be attached to a tripod leg or a bicycle, for example.

Extending Centre Column / Selfie Stick

The centre column of the TSH can double in length. This gives the small tripod a greater working height.

When used as a selfie stick, the centre column can be extended to take creative photos.

Folding Feet

Three strong, folding feet stand securely and firmly on the ground. The rubber tips make the feet non-slip.

The carbon-look decoration makes the compact tripod a real eye-catcher.

Additional Features

• Incl. Bluetooth remote control for iPhone (with Lightning port, cable not included)
• High quality, precise workmanship in aluminium and plastic with carbon look
• Small, convenient and lightweight, it will fit in any pocket
• The most versatile mini tripod for smartphones

Technical specifications

• Mini tripod working height: 170 - 300mm
• Selfie stick working length: 170 - 350mm
• Collapsed size: 250mm
• Smartphone clamp width: 55 - 85mm
• Tube clamp diameter: 17 - 28mm
• Weight: 215g
• Max. load: 300g


TSH-01B Mini Tripod, Bluetooth remote control for iPhone, Bag, Tool, Warranty Card, Manual

Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg
TSH TSH-01B Aluminium/Plastic 3 15 9.4 170 233 300 250 0.215 0.3
TSH-01B in action

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