SIRUI TXL/E Series Traveler XL Set | Travel Tripod with Head

Tripods with travel permits for those who want to go higher

For all travel photographers who value a lightweight tripod but do not want to sacrifice height, the TXL series is the right solution. As the big brother of the TX series, the TXL tripods combine light weight with a compact design - exactly what makes a travel tripod.

Its intuitive handling and steady support on almost any terrain makes the TXL tripod an uncompromising companion on your tours through the world's cities and countries.

The compact E ball head completes the photography experience. Compact and smooth yet precise and powerful heads are the perfect complement to the TXL travel tripod. The proven SIRUI Safety Lock System prevents release plates from slipping. Compatibility with the Arca Swiss system allows various plates to be used.

Head support plate

The aluminium head support plate is fitted with a set screw to secure the head.

Head mounting screw

The head mounting screw quickly switches from 1/4" to 3/8".

Centre column and short centre column

The height of the centre column is adjustable and it is reversible. Switching to the short centre column makes all shooting positions possible. Both centre columns allow ground-level shots and for the overall height to be increased.

Twist locks

Sealed twist locks with  rubber for grip. Just half a turn and the legs will start to descend. The locks can be disassembled for maintenance.

Rubber feet with twist-out steel spikes

The T-1004XL and T-1204XL tripods are stable and will not slip on rubber feet. The T-2004XL and T-2204XL tripods have twist-out metal spikes, intended for use on soft and uneven surfaces.

E-10 / E-20 ball head

A compact ball head with release plate (TY-50E) is included in the set. With Safety Lock System – safety for your camera.

Other features are: Arca Swiss-compatible, 90° vertical slot, 360° panorama scale, release plate with rubber surface, 3 slots and metal knobs.

Additional features

• T-1004XL / T-2004XL = high quality aluminum, lightweight, stable, hard-wearing
• T-1204XL / T-2204XL = 8 layer carbon fiber, super-lightweight, stable, low-vibration
• 180° collapsible - the legs can be fully folded up from 0-180°, reducing the pack size and completely enclosing the head.
• Three solid ratchet steps on the legs allow flexible use.
• Leg angle locking mechanism - the legs lock automatically when folding down.
• Stabilising carabiner - loading weight onto the hook ensures the tripod is stable and steady.
• Foam rubber leg wraps protect against high and low temperatures and ensure a secure grip during transport and in use.
• Bag strap can be used as tripod strap.


TXL tripod with E head and TY-50E quick release plate, 2. centre column (short), tripod bag, tool, warranty card, instructions

* The TXL tripods and E heads are also available separately.

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Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg Degrees
TXL T-1004XL Aluminium 4 25 16 140 1316 1600 530 465 1.23 12 23-53-86
TXL T-1204XL Carbon 4 25 16 140 1316 1600 530 465 1.00 12 23-53-86
TXL T-2004XL Aluminium 4 28 19 145 1360 1625 540 470 1.67 15 23-53-86
TXL T-2204XL Carbon 4 28 19 145 1360 1625 540 470 1.34 15 23-53-86

* Dimensions and weights without head


Series Model Material Plate type Rotation Base diameter Declination
Degrees mm Degrees mm mm kg kg
E E-10 Aluminium black quick release
1/4" thread
360 43 90 29 88 0.28 8
E E-20 Aluminium black quick release
1/4" thread
360 50 90 36 98 0.35 12

360° View: TXL Series T-2004XL Tripod with E-20 Head

Click here, to view the TXL/E series in the official SIRUI Online Shop.