SIRUI TY Series Camera Specific Quick Release Plates

The SIRUI TY Series quick release plates are specially made for different camera models and thus a perfect fit. The plates are compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, eg with the SIRUI tripod heads.

The shape fits exactly to the respective camera model in order to stabilise the camera when shooting in vertical orientation or by tilting the head. The 1/4" screw is fastened with the enclosed tool.

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Series Model Material Ball head compatibility Camera compatibility Support length Support width Height
1/4" mm mm mm g
TY TY-D3 Aluminium Arca & SIRUI Nikon D3 D3x D3s D4 66 69.7 14.6 47.7
TY TY-D700 Aluminium Arca & SIRUI Nikon D300 D300s D700 44.2 60 10.8 31.5
TY TY-D800 Aluminium Arca & SIRUI Nikon D800, D800E 54 60 10 36
TY TY-5D II Aluminium Arca & SIRUI Canon EOS 5D Mark II 48 45.5 11 28.5
TY TY-5D III Aluminium Arca & SIRUI Canon EOS 5D Mark III 50 62 12 39