SIRUI TYX Series Universal Quick Release Plates

The SIRUI TYX series quick release plates have a 1/4" standard thread for the camera and have rubberised surfaces to prevent accidental slipping. Plates are compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, for example with the most SIRUI tripods heads.

The quick release plates have three slots to enable you to mount your camera centrally. 1/4" screw can be tightened with a coin or the supplied allen key. To attach a wrist strap or webbing another slot is provided.

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Series Model Material Ball head compatibility Camera compatibility Support length Support width Height
1/4" mm mm mm g
TYX TY-50X Aluminium Arca & SIRUI universal 50 54 9.8 33
TYX TY-60X Aluminium Arca & SIRUI universal 60 54 9.8 42
TYX TY-70X Aluminium Arca & SIRUI universal 70 54 9.8 46