SIRUI EN Series Easy Universal | Tripods with Integrated Monopod

Easy Universal Tripods – the convertible all-rounders with flip locks

For that little bit extra, SIRUI offers its Universal tripods with detachable monopod. This allows you to take more equipment without any extras. As a tripod, it keeps your camera safe in all weathers then, in no time, it transforms into a monopod, including hand strap. Stay flexible with the SIRUI EN series and have the right equipment available in any situation.

The EN series tripods are must-haves for all photographers who want to be fast and flexible. Switching between monopod and tripod does not slow you down and your equipment is not a burden.

Head support plate

The aluminium head support plate is fitted with a set screw to secure the head.

Head mounting screw

The head mounting screw quickly switches from 1/4" to 3/8".

Sectioned centre column

The centre column can be split up, its height can be adjusted and it is reversible, meaning that all shooting positions are possible. The flexibility of the centre column allows ground-level shots to be taken as well as allowing the total height of the tripod to be increased. The monopod can be extended, if desired, using the long section of the centre column.

Integrated monopod

The EN series has a complete monopod integrated. Simply remove the leg from the tripod and fit the second head support plate and wrist strap. The other mounting plate can remain on the tripod, which is practical and saves times.

Clip locks

Sealed clip locks for quick and easy use. The practical clip locks open quickly and the leg section extends quickly.

Rubber feet with twist-out steel spikes

EN series tripods are stable and will not slip on rubber feet and also have twist-out metal spikes, intended for use on soft and uneven surfaces.

 Additional Features

• EN-2004 = high quality aluminum, lightweight, stable, hard-wearing
• EN-2204 = 8 layer carbon fiber, super-lightweight, stable, low-vibration
• 180° collapsible - the legs can be fully folded up from 0-180°, reducing the pack size and completely enclosing the head.
• Three solid ratchet steps on the legs allow flexible use.
• Leg angle locking mechanism - the legs lock automatically when folding down.
• Stabilising carabiner - loading weight onto the hook ensures the tripod is stable and steady.
• Foam rubber leg wraps protect against high and low temperatures and ensure a secure grip during transport and in use.
• Bag strap can be used as tripod strap.


EN tripod, 2. mounting plate, hand strap, tripod bag, tool, warranty card, instructions

Series Model Material Sections
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg kg Degrees
EN EN-2004 Aluminium 4 28 19 145 1335 1620 545 480 1615 445 1.88 15 23-54-85
EN EN-2204 Carbon 4 28 19 145 1335 1620 545 480 1615 445 1.52 15 23-54-85

360° View: Tripod EN-2204